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Online Counselling Service Testimonials

Our relationship was in trouble
"You were our rock, you kept us together" Kelly CUSA

I admit I am a sceptic
“It takes me a while to fully trust people. I'm not there yet but you don't judge me, it helps" Anonymous, UK

Reached out for my daughter, Carla helped
“Anna has an eating disorder, body image issues and was self harming, as a parent it's frightening. Carla from admin guided me on how to find support with a therapist with the right specialism. This company was honest about not providing counselling online for my daughter's condition. They could easily have just taken our money or expected payment for the referral, they didn’t. That’s saying a lot nowadays. If I ever need counselling myself I will try your services.” Connie W, UK

Getting better
"You allow me to feel heard" Lena K, Gibraltar

Anxiety and on antidepressants
“You have been very kind. I’ve felt welcomed and more at ease about therapy. I still have a way to go, glad I have this for now before NHS provide free CBT" Timothy S, UK

Taboo in my African family
"It's taboo in my culture to talk about abuse. I feel safe to open up here. I am working through my trauma. With your help, I now believe I can make it" Akinyi W, Kenya

Employee Assistance Program
"We are a UK Charity that supports people in several industries. Our members speak highly of your service, many have mentioned how down to earth and warm the Counsellors are" Jill WCharity Organisation, UK

Never thought I’d need this. I was ashamed of getting counselling
"I was embarrassed at the thought of seeking help, looking back it was the right step" Tom M, Australia

Not ready for sessions yet
"I'm not sure if I'm ready to open myself up to therapy just yet. Thank you, Paula, I got the book and articles. I understand my symptoms better now" Keisha S, USA

Email counselling after bereavement
"A family member told me about the email counselling. I felt so low after losing my husband, you have been great. I owe you and my sister, Jess, a lot" Anonymous, UK

Thanks, Faith
"Thanks for the support and prompt email replies" Jama M, Dubai

Back to myself now
"Talking it out is doing a lot of good for me. I've never been on the up for so long!" Evelina A, Italy

Long term depression, stress and anxiety
"Having anxiety and disability this is better for me. Glad I don't have to travel and do face to face counselling" Anonymous, UK

Thank you OCS team
"I didn't think that counselling would help but I’m getting a bit stronger" Priti S, Wales

"I was deeply stuck in a terrible depression pattern. Whenever I asked for help someone was immediately available to help. Pat answered my questions. They listened non judgmentally, the genuine acceptance and compassion is healing. I was e-mailed and asked about my situation after the sessions, support was freely extended" Louise F, Canada

Thanks so much
"It's been so helpful to have someone as insightful as the Counsellor I worked with. John offered practical guidance. I feel more confident and will definitely use this service again. Thank you" Aileen M, Scotland

"You actually listen, in life this is rare" Amina E, Saudi Arabia

Instant messenger via Whatsapp
"Thanks for the chats, you always know what to say" Victoria T, Isle of Wight

Doing better now thanks to you
"I hope that I've learned enough to get out of life's ditches, but I know that if I can't there's always somewhere that I can turn to" Richard J, UK

Professional service
"Our employees are happy with OCS. A professional but friendly service that we'll continue to use" Patrick O, Company, UK

Switched to telephone counselling when I was ready
"Starting with instant messenger worked best for me, although I probably should have tried email therapy. After a few chats I was brave enough to try the phone sessions. It was more convenient because I tend to talk during my lunch break at work" Joanne L, Ireland