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Telephone Counselling Service

Telephone Counselling ServiceTelephone Counselling provides you with a comfortable environment to offload. Clients can receive therapeutic support and encouragement while talking to a qualified and experienced counsellor via the phone. Some people don't have regular access to the internet. Others may simply prefer to talk and hear the voice of an experienced professional that they can trust. Telephone Counselling is well suited for that.

Telephone Counselling is Flexible and convenient

Telephone Counselling services offer a safe atmosphere, you can speak openly to caring and compassionate Telephone Counsellors without fear of criticism or judgement. You have a slot where you are the sole focus, where everything that you say and feel is valid, it is a place where you matter. So whether you wish to vent, cry, share, offload, ask or be listened to, Telephone Counselling can help.

Worldwide support is provided for a wide range of issues. All you need is a landline or mobile to have Counselling over the phone. You can speak from wherever you are with no worries about having to travel, this saves time and reduces costs. You'll receive personalised Telephone Counselling sessions that are not only affordable but comforting too.

Many clients with limited time choose to have Telephone Counselling. As well as having sessions from the comfort of your own sofa, you can walk and talk in the park, speak while on the go or during a break at work. Just as medical and dental appointments are a priority, so are therapy appointments. Many employers recognise this and provide employees with time off during the day for a counselling session. Allowing staff to leave a bit early or start a bit later, giving them a quiet and private space, at work, to talk to their counsellor has become very popular. Some companies, charities and organisations also pay for telephone counselling for employees and members.

Telephone Counselling is flexible and convenient, it has been beneficial for our visually impaired clients who may be unable to access email or instant messenger. Counselling via the phone is also helpful for our other disabled and housebound clients as they can easily speak to their counsellor while relaxed at home. Clients who are shy or those who experience increased anxiety, during face to face appointments, have found telephone sessions to be comfortable. We have other services available such as instant messenger, which is interactive without the use of voice, using text.  Email Counselling allows you to have a session whenever it suits you, no booking any appointments. To learn more about our email counselling service, click here. We offer the choice to switch, you can try different services and select what works best for you.

What are the benefits of Telephone Counselling?

  • Available worldwide.
  • You can share, ask, vent, receive fresh insight and be listened to.
  • You hear the voice of your Telephone Counsellor; this can be very calming in times of distress.
  • Access sessions from anywhere via landline or mobile phone.
  • You may be housebound due to disability, caring for small children/elderly parents and have no support system to enable you to spend time away from home, Telephone Counselling is very convenient.
  • It can be less intimidating than face to face counselling.
  • If you travel you can still have access.
  • Expatriates can speak to English speaking Counsellors while abroad.
  • The University of Cambridge study, of over 39,000 participants, found telephone counselling to be just as effective as face to face. The research revealed that telephone therapy improves and increases access to psychological support and decrease costs.
  • A study published by The Journal of Counselling Psychology revealed that telephone therapy can be more focused - and research participants also rated the counselling relationship and interpersonal influence at the same level as face to face interaction.
  • Read our Reviews and Testimonials.

Is Counselling over the phone confidential?

Confidentiality is an integral part of Counselling, at OCS:
Your calls remain strictly confidential
Your telephone number will never be shared with anyone
You'll never be contacted by phone, other than for pre-arranged telephone counselling sessions.

What are the payment options to purchase telephone counselling?
You can pay securely via Paypal and debit/credit card. If you wish to make an online/telephone banking transfer or direct deposit, you can contact us for our details.

Telephone Counselling Fees and Instructions

1. Select and pay - Choose whether you would like a single session or discount package. If you are overseas you may wish to have Counselling via Skype or Whatsapp calling instead as all international calls are free. Click on a button below and pay. Payments are made via the free and secure payment method PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account as all major debit and credit cards are accepted. Contact us if you wish to pay via online/telephone bank transfer.
2. Submit information - Within 3 days, email us brief details of what you wish to talk about in your session. This could be up to a couple of sentences about your area of concern, as well as the type and duration of support needed. Please include your telephone number, along with a wide range of your day to day availability and your preferred dates and time ranges for your session. The wider the range, the better.
3. Receive reply - You'll be contacted by your Counsellor via email, as soon as possible, to confirm the time to meet online or alternative availability will be provided for you to choose from. Please check your spam/junk folder.
4. Have your session – Your Counsellor will call you at the agreed date and time. We believe in strengthening the counselling bond, you will be supported by the same Counsellor throughout your time with us. This will also save you from having to repeat your story. Telephone sessions are 45 minutes long.

How many Telephone Counselling sessions should I book? - According to therapeutic guidelines and good practice, Telephone Counselling is most beneficial with a minimum of 6 - 15 sessions. However, some clients may require mid term support which lasts for 4 months - 1 year or long term psychotherapeutic support for up to 2 years. Most of our new clients follow the suggested minimum amount and initially book 6 sessions and save 10%

Telephone Counselling Fees

1 Telephone counselling session £60

3 Telephone counselling sessions £171 (save 5%)

6 Telephone counselling sessions £324 (save 10%)

9 Telephone counselling sessions £459 (save 15%)

12 Telephone counselling sessions £576 (saving 20%) 

15 Telephone Counselling sessions £675 (saving 25%) 

Discount bundles of 3-9 sessions are valid for 60 days. The 12 session telephone counselling bundle is valid for 90 days and the 15 session bundle is valid for an extended period of 120 days.