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OCS Director - Faith McMoyo

Early life
From my time at secondary school, I was nicknamed the 'Social Worker', I’d become the go-to person whenever anyone felt low or had a problem. It gave me a taste of maintaining confidentiality from a young age. My friends often confided in me, this carried on within my family life too. I knew early on, I’d end up choosing a career that involved being of service in some way.

Present day
I didn't just start caring for people because I'm a Therapist. I cared and felt for people and chose to become a Therapist. Knowing what it was like to hurt, I wanted to help people to heal. As time has gone by, supporting clients has felt more like my purpose. There is no therapeutic intervention more powerful than the actual relationship with a clientIt’s a joy to provide a listening ear. It's rewarding being there in the time of need and an honour to be part of the journey.

How the OCS idea was formed

While studying Psychology and for some time after, I had various roles in the Social Care and Education system. It was there that I discovered the most rewarding aspects. They involved offering therapeutic support to help people through life's challenges. This was pursued by advancing my studies and becoming a Counsellor and Psychological Therapist.

I worked within private organisations providing face to face therapy. Somehow, it just wasn't enough. I had a desire to start something of my own, this would allow me the space to do more for others. I noticed that therapy services were only available at set times, this was somewhat strange. It's not like we choose when we go through distress, hardship can knock on a person’s door at any time of the day. 

I thought about the people who were disabled or housebound, caring for children or the elderly. The shy, introverts, those struggling with anxiety or social phobia, who find face to face sessions daunting. Students away at University, travel seekers and people overseas were considered. Those who are always on the go, with limited time and companies in need of therapy for employees were thought of. Having plenty of discounts was also important so anyone on a lower or single wage could have access. Diverse and marginalised groups, who have not always felt welcomed in the therapy space, were on my mind. A multicultural service catering to all was a must. 

There were so much to think about and people to include, not forgetting the therapists and admin staff who may have wanted and needed to work remotely too. 

It was my aim to create an easily accessible service, where anyone with access to a phone or the internet could receive professional counselling. Help would be just a click away, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world whether at home, at work, abroad or on the go. This is how The Online Counselling Service was created.

Life at The Online Counselling Service

Since its launch in 2008, the organisation has grown. I'm delighted that we've been able to serve thousands of clients, all over the globe. OCS has developed from initially providing just Email and Instant Chat Counselling to Skype, WhatsApp and Telephone Counselling sessions

We all love what we do. At The Online Counselling Service, it’s our role to support and encourage. We provide a space for clients to unpack and to be seen and heard. 
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My growth 

With lengthy face to face, online and telephone counselling experience, I have gained knowledge about a wide spectrum of issues. While education has been important, my most treasured learning has come from working directly with clients. It has been very humbling and taught me so much about people and myself. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to grow while having a platform to practice empathy and compassion for others.

It's my belief that when you engage in fulfilling the needs of others, your own needs are fulfilled as a by-product. This is why I adore being a Counsellor. I love it when a career and a passion come together! 

Life away from being a Therapist

When I'm not providing therapy, I make time for self care, spending time with loved ones, reading, surfing the internet and listening to music. I have a creative side and will have a go at making almost anything be it cooking, DIY, gardening, creating homemade skin/hair care products, clothes and jewellery. I enjoy sports and long walks.

While I’ve spent the majority of my life in the UK, I’ve had the pleasure of living abroad too. I'm a lover of travel, it's one of the few things that you can spend money on but come back feeling wealthier. Travelling might just be my favourite thing to do.

Faith McMoyo
Online Counselling Service Founder and Director
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