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About The Online Counselling Service

Based in London UK The Online Counselling Service, also known as OCS, offers worldwide 24 hour Online and Telephone Therapy.

OCS was founded by Faith McMoyo, an experienced Psychological Therapist and Counsellor who has worked with children and adults since the year 2000. Faith was passionate about easily accessible therapy being offered to all, no matter the time or location, 'Counselling whenever, wherever'.

Counselling Service history

• In 2008 The Online Counselling Service was launched. Sessions were initially offered to individuals via Email and Instant Messenger.

Online Counselling via Skype calls was added in 2009 for those who prefer to hear the voice of their Counsellor.

• The OCS team of qualified and experienced practitioners has grown steadily as thousands of new and existing clients use the service. To meet the demand, Telephone Counselling was offered from 2010, this has allowed us to also cater to clients who do not have regular internet access.

• In 2011 Student Counselling Services were launched to support young people who are in need. Email and Instant Messenger has been the most popular method of Telehealth that students use.

• 2013 - We celebrated our 5th Anniversary!

Free E-books and Self-Help Guides were made available to all site visitors as of 2013. We had always had self-help articles but we felt that we needed to do more, it was important for everyone to be able to access free materials that they can keep forever.

• As the rate of people with Depression, Anxiety and Stress has increased more Organisations, Companies and Charities have taken a step to offer employee wellbeing sessions to their staff. As of 2015 OCS has been providing Company Counselling Services to employees and members in the UK.

• To keep up to date with technology and offer clients, even more, convenience we added Whatsapp to our VoIP Calling and Instant Messenger Telehealth Service options in 2017.

• Over the years, The Online Counselling Service is proud to have formed a close connection with CSG - The Counselling Service Group, an organisation that has been improving the quality of therapy for over 20 years. CSG specialise in Therapist Training and Development, as well as face to face sessions and home visits. 

In 2018 OCS celebrated 10 years of service. We are very grateful for the opportunity to help make the lives of others more bearable by offering tailor-made support that makes a difference. Here's to another 10 years!

• 2020 - 2021 was a difficult period for many as the Corona Virus Pandemic crippled the world. Several lives were lost due to Covid-19, unemployment rose and the recession hit. Mental and emotional health was affected. We were approached by companies such as cruise ships and care homes, charities providing aid, relief workers around the globe and individuals facing illness, bereavement and the anxiety of lockdowns. We were happy to do our bit and provide free support where possible.

• As of November 2021 OCS has provided counselling and coaching services for 13 years!

What makes The Online Counselling Service different?

We are always available - We understand that problems can arise at any time, we're here to help you when they do, 7 days a week.

We are flexible and convenient - You can have a session on the sofa at home, during a lunch break at work, while you're overseas or even on the go. Whether you want to talk on your landline, Skype via tablet, Instant Message and Whatsapp using your smartphone or send an Email via your laptop. There are no restrictions, you can switch between devices and services.

We are easily accessible - There are no tricky apps to download and configure or long forms to fill. You are given direct access to your Counsellor in between sessions. Carla and Pat from the OCS Admin Team are always available to quickly respond to questions and provide information about the service.

We understand -‎ All of our Counsellors have had Therapy as part of their study and personal development. We know what it's like to be the client, some of us have experienced the initial feeling of vulnerability. We have shown that understanding by creating a non-judgmental atmosphere where clients are shown compassion and kindness. It’s important that you feel comfortable so you feel safe to open up even more, this enhances the therapeutic process.

We truly value feedback - Our clients highlighted the need for Therapy with the same Counsellor. We want you to feel secure and comfortable so we don't pass you around to a new person each session. You can work with the same Counsellor throughout your time with us. This also strengthens the therapeutic bond and saves you from repeating your story. Your feedback helps us to provide an even better service, your thoughts and opinions matter.

We are trusted - Our first client is still our client! Even after all these years, people still return to us to get the support they know they can trust. Some clients have come back every now and then for sessions when life's challenges become too much, whether it's the death of a loved one, relationship break ups or problems at work, they know they're welcome and we are more than willing to help.

We respect your right to choose - In most cases, we recommend weekly sessions, but we don't enforce it as we recognise that every situation is different. We want our clients to know that they have full control of making decisions. Based on the scope of the problem, some clients opt to have a Counselling session weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as and when needed.‎ The choice is yours. We are here for you no matter what you decide.

We care – We welcome all site visitors and OCS family on Social Media! Whether you're a client or not, we offer free support tools to all via Facebook and Twitter. We also have several Free Self-help Ebooks and Articles to read at any time. Your mental and emotional well-being is important to us, we want to help in any way that we can.

We promise - The relationship we have with clients is important to us. The rapport, understanding and trust that is built matters. We promise to listen and not judge, to respect your privacy, to accept all cultures, beliefs, races and genders. We will do the best we can for you.

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OCS Counsellors

• The Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Coaches work at The Online Counselling Service to ensure that clients receive a high standard of care which is ethical, confidential and safe. The Therapists are mainly from the UK with a few from overseas, they all have at least 5 years of face to face postgraduate Counselling experience and a minimum of 2 years of online and telephone.

• Our Therapists have broad life experience, they're real people that clients can connect with, this better equips them to provide a personal touch with understanding and a natural, warm approach. Most of all, it allows them to relate to their clients who suffer from a wide range of problems.

• All Therapists receive professional supervision. They are subject to regular practice review to ensure consistent standards of quality and conduct are met. Anti-discriminatory practice is promoted, care and compassion is offered to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.

“We provide a confidential atmosphere where problems and issues can be addressed at any time of the day. We implement various therapeutic approaches because we realise clients have individual issues that require personalised support in a non-judgmental, empathetic way. The Online Counselling Service is committed to finding the most effective ways to help people in distress." OCS

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