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OCS quick links

Frequently Asked Questions

Are enquiry emails free?
Yes, contact OCS at any time, all enquiry emails are free. You will receive a response as soon as possible. Please ensure that you check your spam/junk folder for a reply.

I'm suicidal can you support me?
Please view our International Suicide Helpline page. There you'll find a list of emergency services and free crisis support numbers for the country that you're in.

How can I learn more about OCS?
Please visit the about The Online Counselling Service page. 

How old do I have to be to use the service?
You must be 18 and over to use our services. In some cases, with parental/guardian consent, we can support those under 18's.

I'm in another country can I receive Counselling?
OCS provides worldwide online and telephone support.

I am a student, can I use this?
Yes, students may use this service. There are special discount student rates too.

Am I welcome at your counselling service?
Yes. Our service welcomes people from all abilities, races, beliefs, genders, sexual orientations and religions. We provide Multicultural Services, OCS understands that everyone should have access to professional support.

What issues do you cover?
Support is provided for a wide range of issues

What type of services are available?
OCS provides Counselling, sessions are available to individuals via Instant MessengerSkype or WhatsApp VoIP - (Voice over the internet), Email and Telephone counselling services.

What do I need to access online sessions?
To use the service, you'll need an email address and access to the internet or telephone/mobile. You will also need to read then agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.

Which kind of email account, instant messenger or voip may work best for OCS Counselling?
Skype and WhatsApp are very good for instant messenger. They are also preferred for voip as they're both encrypted and reliable. We recommend Gmail for sending and receiving emails.

How many sessions should I book?
Most new OCS new clients initially book 6 sessions, this allows them to treat their problems and also benefit from our huge discounts. 

Do I have to fill out a lot of documents and provide personal data?
Please review the Privacy Policy.

Are sessions secure?
All of our email addresses are encrypted. Telephone sessions are conducted via secure lines. For VoIP and Instant Messenger we use encrypted voice and text chat systems like Skype and Whatsapp.

Will my details remain confidential?
All details and communications will remain confidential. Please read our Privacy Policy

What are your hours of service?
Admin support is available 7 days a week. Email Counselling emails can be submitted 24 hours a day, no appointment booking is required. Instant Messenger, Telephone and VoIP sessions can be requested at any time. You can pay for week day or weekend sessions. Your session will be granted provided the slot has not already been filled and Counsellors are available. A wide range of alternative availability will always be offered. All session slots do need the time/date to be pre-arranged except for the email counselling service.

How long do sessions last?
Instant Messenger, Voice chat and Telephone sessions last for 45 minutes.
Emails counselling is charged per 1000 words.

How are payments made?
You can pay using a Paypal account, debit card, credit card or bank transfer.

How much does it cost?
Sessions for individuals range from £40 - £80.

Do you offer any discounts?
The Online Counselling Service is currently offering huge discounts of up to 25% off counselling sessions.
Student discount offers are available.
Company/organisation discounts are available.

Are Counsellors qualified?
Yes, all Counsellors are qualified and have both online and face to face experience. For Instant Messenger, VoIP and Telephone sessions, we aim to assign each client to the Counsellor with the most experience according to the client's issue or problem.

I want to book a session, how do I do that?
View the 'How to book an online or telephone counselling session' page for details.

If I purchase an Online or Telephone Support package service will it expire?
A package of 3-9 sessions is valid for 60 days. The 12 session bundle package is valid for 90 days and the 15 session bundle is valid for an extended 120 days. You are free to use your sessions at any time within the validity period. Please be advised that discounted offers are for a limited time only.

How long are single sessions valid?
Please read the session validity section on the Terms of use page

Do you provide refunds?
All payments are final, we do not provide refunds, however, you may switch between online or telephone services.

Can I make a payment after a session?
We respect your privacy and do not request any private financial information. We ask that all clients ensure that full payment is made before booking sessions times and/or dates. Please make your payment on the day that you make a request for an appointment.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?
Please read the cancellation procedure on the Terms of use page.

Can I pay a compliment, submit a suggestion or make a complaint?
Your thoughts and views are very important to us, please visit our feedback page.