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Faith McMoyo - Therapist

Psychological Therapist | Counsellor | Psychotherapist

Faith has practised online and telephone therapy at OCS since 2008. With lengthy experience supporting clients of all ages, she is also a face to face Psychotherapist at CSG Therapy - Counselling Service Group.


As a Psychology student and for some time after, Faith had various roles within the social care and education system. It was there she discovered the most rewarding aspects. They involved offering therapeutic support and helping people through life's challenges. Faith pursued this by advancing her studies and becoming a qualified Counsellor and Psychological Therapist.

Words from Faith

"I don't care about people just because I'm a Therapist. I cared and felt for people first and chose to become a Therapist. Knowing what it was like to hurt, I wanted to help people to heal. 

There is no therapeutic intervention more powerful than the actual relationship with a client. It's my role to encourage individuals to get to know themselves better. It's my aim to help clients identify the causes which are holding them back from achieving more.  

Working with young people and adults, aged 4 to 88 years old, from diverse backgrounds, from all over the world teaches you so much. I'm truly grateful as I have grown too. I thank my clients for that.

It's my belief that when you engage in fulfilling the needs of others, your own needs are fulfilled in the process, this is why I love being a Counsellor. It does not feel like work, my passion and purpose truly came together." Faith.

Relevant Counselling and Psychotherapy Qualifications

 Post Graduate
• Graduate Qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Masters level, MSc
• Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Level 7, PGDip
• Advanced Graduate Certificate in Addictions Counselling, AdvGradCert

Level 6 - Degree level
• Psychology

Level 5 - Higher Education 
• Counselling, DipCouns
• Child Psychology, DipHE

• Bereavement Counselling
• Family and Relationship Counselling
• Sexual Abuse Counselling - Accredited

• Mentoring
• Bereavement Counselling
• Mindfulness Behaviour Therapy
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - currently undertaking
• Online Counselling Skills
• Online Therapy - Email, Text, Audio and Video
• Continuing Professional Development
• Domestic Violence Counselling and Motivational Interviewing

Training Courses
• Equality and Diversity
• Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Depression
• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
• Personal Development Coaching
• Justice and Human Rights
• Technology and Therapy
• Trauma Informed Coaching
• Crisis Intervention
• Race, Ethnicity and Discrimination
• Boundaries in Mental Health Treatment

Continuing Professional Development
• Domestic Violence and Abuse 
• Trauma Informed Care
• Understanding Eating Disorders
• Healing Family and Relationship Trauma
• Grief and Depression Treatment
• Advanced Therapeutic Communication
• Mental Health Ethics
• Co-occurring Disorders Treatment
• Trauma and Addiction
• Anxiety Awareness
• Postnatal Depression Awareness
• Dual Diagnosis: Mental Illness and Substance Misuse

• Mental Health Treatment for people with HIV
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness

Listings and Memberships
• PPS - Psychologists Protection Society
• UKICP - UK & Ireland Counsellors & Psychotherapists
• SFTR - National UK Therapists Register 
• PCA - Person Centred Association
• CCC - Registered Counsellors from the British Isles
• ISMHO - International Society for Mental Health Online
• Institute of Counselling
• Online Therapy Institute
• Institute of Natural Healing
• Continuous Professional Development Training Investor
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• Psychological Therapist - Counselling Pages Directory
• Online, face to face & Telephone Counsellor - UK & Ireland Online Counsellor Directory
• Therapist - Therapy Portal
• Online Counsellor - Therapy Market
• Registered Counselling Service - Therapy Portal
• Counsellor - Complementary Healthcare Service
• Telephone Counsellor - UK Telephone Counsellors Directory

Full Public Liability Insurance
Full Public Indemnity Insurance

       psychologists protection society member  ISMHO member   

      cpd training investorCCC registered counsellors ismho member

      uk and ireland counsellor Therapy Register Member

       institute of counselling membership