OCS quick links

OCS quick links

Contact OCS

For free general information about our services or for any assistance, email the OCS Admin Team at any time. Pat and Carla will be happy to help. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Session Bookings

To book your Instant Messenger, Skype VoIP, WhatsApp or Telephone Counselling appointment, please make your payment then email the relevant details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

(Please note, this email address is not for general information or admin support).


Email Therapy Sessions

For Email Counselling, please make your payment and send your problem to our OCS Email Counsellor. Instructions and contact information are on the Email Therapy page 

(Please, note this email address is not for general information or admin support).


Get a Free Ebook

Choose from our list of Free Ebooks and Help Guides. Contact information to submit requests is also on the Free Material page.


If you are feeling suicidal

Please contact the emergency services or call The Samaritans for free help on 08457 90 90 90. If you're outside of the UK, visit our International Suicide Helpline page. There you'll find an A-Z list of free crisis support and emergency contacts for where you're located.


Regarding all communication

Please ensure that you check your spam/junk folder for all replies.

You may have heard that Hotmail and Yahoo accounts, at times, have issues receiving and sending emails. There have been reports of emails from business addresses being delayed or blocked. While, at times, this can happen with any email provider, you may wish to use or sign up with the more stable and secure Gmail.

We use Skype and WhatsApp for Instant Messenger Text sessions and for VoIP calls. Landline and mobile numbers are accepted for Telephone Counselling calls.

*For existing clients, we incur all calling costs for Telephone sessions and call you. If you have made an arrangement via email to phone us instead call, 07932 489 255 for your session, at the agreed time. Alternatively you will be provided with your assigned Counsellor's telephone number. We kindly ask that you phone by prior arrangement only. General inquiries and bookings are welcome via the above listed email addresses only.  


Recruitment - Join our team

If you're a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Psychologist visit OCS Recruitment. Please ensure that you read the update section at the top of the recruitment page, it will state whether we're fully staffed at present or accepting applications.