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Welcome to The Online Counselling Service website! We are an Emotional Health Organisation that helps clients feel better about themselves, their lives and their relationships. OCS will aid you as you heal, change and grow.

24 hour Online Counselling and Telephone Therapy is available worldwide, 7 days a week, via Email, Instant Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp calls and Telephone. Professional support is provided for Anxiety, Depression, Low Mood, Trauma, Self-Esteem, Grief and Loss, Relationships and more.

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Can Counselling help me?

Communicating with a trained listener who is outside of your life can alleviate your suffering. You might be there for everyone else and realise it's time to focus on your needs. You could have past hurts, be in a dilemma, want an objective point of view or have a negative situation to get through. You may feel invisible in your relationship or like your family just doesn't get you. Perhaps your concerns are too intimate to discuss with friends. Maybe you have tried to sort things yourself but the problem is still there...Counselling can help!

We hold space for you and with you. We aim to have you sleeping better with less worries, living a happier life, the one you so deserve. We'll help you turn your chaos into calm by understanding and overcoming the past, gaining clarity about the present day and developing here-and-now coping strategies. We will encourage you to work towards the future you have always wanted.

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I've got friends for support and don't actually have a problem, can I still have Therapy?

Friends and family can be great listeners and give advice but they're not our personal therapists. You can have a healthy support system and still have therapy, this is because a counsellor doesn't operate in the same role as anyone else in your life. The therapeutic relationship is unique to your needs, it encourages your healing, evolving and crisis management.

Some people assume that having counselling means you're in a very dark place mentally. This way of thinking discourages so many from getting help because they don't feel "unwell" enough. Big or small, what you're going through matters. For anyone in a dark place, choosing to have therapy is an awesome and courageous decision. Support is just what you may need.

Gone are the days when the majority of people seeking counselling were in an extreme crisis. Therapy is an investment in you. It's also healthy to connect with a counsellor without having a major problem with the intention to grow, remain productive and talk to a neutral party, one who is there to listen. We go to Doctors and Dentists for check-ups, we work out in gyms daily and treat ourselves to a spa. We even take our cars to the Mechanic for regular servicing. Our mental and emotional health is important too. Let's try to normalise having therapy before we're in crisis mode.

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Access Online and Telephone Counselling

We provide a convenient and modern way for you to improve your well-being. Have a session with a qualified OCS Counsellor from the comfort of your own home, while at work, abroad or even on the go. Services are flexible to suit your situation, preference and personality.

If you want to be in full control of your session times, without the need to book appointments, email counselling would be the right fit. Perhaps, you need something interactive without having to speak, instant messenger will work well. Some clients prefer to talk and hear the voice of their counsellor, VoIP and telephone services may suit you. You're also welcome to with switch between session types.

We meet you whererever you are. 'Carry support in your pocket', with a few clicks on your mobile phone or handheld device you can access secure:
Email Counselling
Instant Messenger Counselling
VoIP Skype and WhatsApp Counselling 
Telephone Counselling
We also provide Multicultural Services and support to Students and Companies.

The Online Counselling Service booking process is deliberately user-friendly. There is no tricky app to download or lengthy paperwork to submit. Time and money can be saved from avoiding travel expenses to get to sessions. You won't be delayed for weeks or months, you can have an appointment soon after booking.

Easily accessible Online and Telephone Therapy give you the freedom to ask, vent and be listened to whenever you need it. You can have sessions with the same counsellor, this saves you from repeating your story. We are ready to provide you with non-judgmental supportive listening and fresh insight. Take a step towards change.

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Recognising the need for help is a sign of strength, it's important to connect with people you can trust. The Online Counselling Service has been operating since 2008. We are committed to helping you cultivate a healthy mind and emotional stability. Free E-books and articles are available to all, read our most recent on AnxietyGriefOCDStress, Addictions, Anger, Relationship CommunicationEmotional Dumping, Mental Health at Work

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