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Welcome to The Online Counselling Service.
Are you in need of an objective point of view to help you sort out your problems?
Do you want to work through past hurts, relationships or negative life situations?
Have you got concerns that are too intimate to discuss with friends and family?
Maybe you've tried to help yourself but the problem still lingers. Whatever your need, OCS is here to help you!

We are a UK based Counselling Organisation with a passion for supporting people to cultivate a healthy mind and emotional stability. We help clients feel better about themselves, their lives and their relationships. 24 hour Online Counselling and Telephone Counselling can be accessed worldwide, 7 days a week, from work, overseas or the comfort of your own home.

Our well renowned, care-giving service provides therapeutic support for a wide range of issues via secure Email CounsellingInstant Chat CounsellingVoIP Counselling and Telephone CounsellingWe also offer Student Counselling and tailor made Coaching sessions. Free E-books are available for all site visitors.

Recognising the need for therapy is a sign of strength and determination to live a productive, meaningful life. It is a significant step and it's important to connect with people you can trust. OCS provides a personal connection through a relationship with dedicated professionals.

Our booking process is deliberately user friendly. We don't request that you submit lengthy paperwork. You won't have to worry about being delayed by weeks, you'll be able to have your counselling session soon after booking.

The easily accessible Online Counselling Service gives you freedom to ask, vent and be listened to in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Our OCS Counsellors are ready to provide supportive listening and fresh insight. Take a step towards change, help is just a click away!

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